Virus & Malware Cleaning:
Remove viruses and malware that cause pop-ups and slow performance, annoying ads, and more. We don’t just remove it, we repair the damage caused as well.

Hard Drive Replacement:
A failed hard drive is often the cause for slowness, freezing, or failure to boot. The hard drive will be replaced with a brand new one and the operating system will be completely installed and configured for use.

Tune-up and Cleaning:
A complete overhaul: remove all viruses and malware, update drivers, remove dust from internal components and service the cooling system. This service often leaves the computer running better than new.

Format and Reinstall:
The system is completely erased. After the erase, a fresh copy of the operating system is installed and all drivers and updates are performed. A true fresh start! Data transfer or backup of files can be provided once a fresh copy of windows is installed.

Data Back-up/Transfer:
We can transfer files from one computer to another or back everything up on a separate drive. We also can help with data redundancy using RAID so that if one of your hard drives fails, no data is lost.

Data Recovery:
If your computer system has crashed or become unusable, or you accidentally deleted your files, don’t stress – we are prepared to help you no matter how severe.

Computer Upgrades:
If your computer is ageing and you would like to extend its usable life span, we can upgrade the system to give you some much-needed speed!


Complete Computer Set-up:
We will set up your computer for you by plugging in all components and performing all the system updates. We will also set up any email accounts, software, printers and drivers so that your computer is ready to go.

Other Installations:
We can install any other electronic equipment including TVs, sound systems, and various other equipment.

Custom Computer Builds:
We can build you a custom computer to fit your exact needs. Some example needs include gaming, graphic design, family, work, or everyday pc. We set a budget and will choose the best parts for your needs.


Home Network Installation:
This service includes the complete setup of a home wired or wireless network.

We can prevent and protect against unauthorized intrusion in home networks and the computers or systems connected to them.

Smart Home Set-up:
We can install and set up any smart home technologies that you would like throughout your house.

Repair and Maintenance:
We can diagnose and repair network problems in home computer networks and fix them to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Website Design:
We can create a professional website for you, your business or your hobby. 


Private Lessons:
We can teach you how to operate your computer or software on it. We can also show you how to use other technologies.

Internet Safety:
We teach you or/and your children how to browse the web safely and use built-in tools to limit access to harmful or inappropriate websites.